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The Bidet skit on Saturday Night Live (SNL)

Here's our take on it!

Cast Members:
Andy Samberg (AS)
Zack Galafanakis (ZG)
Kristen Wiig (KW)
Blue Bidet (BB)

AS: And the bathrooms in each of our executive suites come with a whirlpool tub, radiant heating and rainfall showered.

[They look and admire the bidet.]

AS: And if you'll follow me I can show you the master bedroom.

ZG: And the bidet... comes standard?

AS: Yes, you'll find a bidet in all our executive suites.

BB: Blue Bidets don't come standard in your home but do fit most standard toilets.

KW: And there's... no additional charge for using the bidet? No per-use fee or debit system?

AS: No ma'am, use of the bidet is complimentary.

BB: No folks, once installed there are no more fees other than the regular water payments you already make at home.

W + ZG: Nice, very nice. Good to know. Good to know.

AS: Would you like to see the master bedroom?

KW: And the bidet, is it in good working order? The... eh.. the bidet.

AS: I believe so, yes.

BB: Our bidets come with a great one-year warranty so if anything happens please let us know and we'll replace it for you.

ZG: And there's a... a sturdiness to it? The bidet, it can accommodate a fairly heavy carriage?

AS: I think it's a very standard bidet.

BB: Blue Bidets can take a great load of weight. If your toilet seat can handle it, so can our bidets.

KW: I see... And the water pressure...

ZG: Ah yes! And the water pressure, in the bidet... should it prove insufficient, is there an adjustment that could be made to possibly increase the pressure substantially?

AS: I don't think so, no.

KW: I see.

BB: We have never had a complaint about not providing enough water pressure. As a matter of fact, we recommend you are careful when trying one since the pressure may feel a bit strong at first.


AS: Our sheets in the bedroom boast a 600 thread count.

BB: Good for you Andy, but we're talking about bidets here. Zack, take it away!

ZG: And the bidet... should it break, is there a bidet repairman on site?

AS: If there's any problem with the bathroom---

W + ZG: You mean the bidet.

AS: We would just call a plumber.

BB: There are no repairmen on site and we wouldn't call a plumber for you, BUT again, we have a great warranty and customer service. Just give us a call or email us to fix the problem.

KW: And this plumber, he can handle even the most extreme bidet problems?

AS: He's a very competent plumber.

BB: If you don't feel like handling it yourself, you can always call a plumber and our Blue Bidets are so easy to install that no plumber would have a problem with it.

ZG: And should the bidet be damaged beyond repair, how soon would you be able to replace it with a new bidet.

AS: I really don't know the answer to that.

W + ZG: Humm... that's worrisome. I don't like that.

BB: Hopefully guys, you'll like our answer. If you have a problem with your Blue Bidet, contact us and we will arrange for you to get a new one within one work week. You like that? We knew you would.


KW: And should we have an unexpected overnight guest, do you offer a roll-away-bidet?

AS: I don't believe that exists.

ZG: In 2010 you would think...

BB: No such thing exists, but we are planing to come out with a travel bidet, so be on the look out for it!


ZG: And are there any hidden cameras in the bathroom that might record whatever's taking place in or around the bidet, perhaps a toilet cam?

AS: No, there are no cameras anywhere in the bathroom.

ZG: Ummm... shame, it's too bad.

BB: Folks, whatever you want to do or not do in your own bathrooms is really none of our business.

KW: And the nearest hospital where would be...?

AS: Saint George Medical Center, is about 3 miles east of the hotel.

BB: Let me Google that for you

ZG: And their ambulances, they have bidets? Or would there be a gap between the hotel and the hospital bidet-wise?

AS: I doubt the ambulances have bidets, I also doubt the hospital has bidet.

BB: We also have the same doubts, but if you would like to help us, please recommend us to your hospitals. We'd love to have our products there!

ZG: And would the doctors at the hospital, there's an understood confidentiality correct?

KW: They're seasoned professionals, they've seen it all, so to speak.

ZG: They've had their gag reflexes removed, haven't they?

AS: Ok, you know what? I'm gonna just leave you two alone.

BB: Great call Andy, we're right there with you!

KW: Oh wait, wait, wait. But before you go, let us give you a little something for your trouble.

AS: Ummm, why is this wet?

ZG: I'm not gonna lie to you, it involves bidet.

BB: Goodness gracious, people! If you do want to do something for us, just recommend us to all your friends and families.


Hope you folks enjoyed it as much as we do!

And thanks to SNL for creating such a great skit and to Hulu for posting it.


Blue Bidet and MFB International, Inc. are not affiliated in any way with Saturday Night Live, Hulu or any other related company.