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Bidet BB-500 Installation

1. Shut off the incoming water to the toilet at the wall valve and drain the toilet’s water tank by flushing it.

2. Disconnect the existing flexible hose or pipe that connects the wall valve to the toilet tank.

3. Connect the “Metal T-Connector” to the wall water supply valve, remember to put the small rubber washer inside the “Metal T-Connector”

4. Reconnect the existing flexible hose, hand-tightening it to the “Metal T-Connector” and the toilet tank. Tighten it but don't over do it.

5. Remove the toilet seat and cover by unscrewing the bolts and nuts using a flat-head screwdriver.

6. Place a “Black Rubber Washer” on each bolt hole and place the bidet on top of them, aligning the “Sliding Seat Adjusters” with the holes.

7. Set the toilet seat and cover on top of the bidet and reinsert and tighten the bolts and nuts securing everything in position.

8. Connect the supplied “Flexible Metal Hose” from the bidet's water inlet to the “Metal T-Connector” at the wall valve.

9. After installation, open the water valve and allow the water pass through the system.

10. Slowly push the bidet's “Water Pressure Lever” downward to open the valve and remove the stagnant water.

11. Select the desired position of the “Retractable Nozzle”, it has three for your convenience.

You're done installing your new Blue Bidet. Congratulate yourself and enjoy the Natural Cleansing Power of Water.

NOTE: If any water leaks occur, please check that all connections are properly tightened and rubber washers are in place.

For more details, see instructions included with the product.



 Bidet BB-500 Instructions for Use:

1. Once seated on the toilet, push the “Water Pressure Lever” slowly pushing the lever downward until you reach a comfortable pressure for required cleanness. Adjust pressure to your comfort level.

WARNING: Be careful to push the “Water Pressure Lever” very slowly until the comfortable pressure is reached.

2. The “Nozzle” has three positions for better water direction. Hand adjust to choose the position that best fits your needs.